What payment options are avilable at Yudetaro?


We opened "YUDETARO" in order to serve delicious buckwheat noodles as cheaply and pleasantly as possible. Soba is a living thing. The "freshly ground," "freshly beaten," and "freshly boiled" are commonly referred to as the "three freshly made" conditions for delicious soba. Although each method of grinding, beating, and boiling soba requires different skills, the best soba is made by beating freshly ground buckwheat flour and boiling it right in front of your eyes. At YUDETARO, we carefully grind buckwheat flour at our designated mill and make noodles from the flour at our restaurant every day. This is a labor- and equipment-intensive process, but in order for our customers to enjoy delicious soba, we insist on "san-tate" (freshly ground) without compromise. We hope that YUDETARO's delicious soba noodles will be useful for your health.


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What payment can I use to pay at Yudetaro ?

These are acceptable payments at Yudetaro.'Depends on store' means may be not availabe due to store's terminal compatibility or other reasons.

Suica, PASMO, ICOCA Depends on store
Credit Card n/a
PayPay n/a
Dpay n/a
aupay auPay n/a
Merpay n/a
RakutenPay n/a
LINEpay n/a
Rakuten Edy n/a
nanaco n/a
waon n/a
iD n/a
QUICpay n/a
YuchoPay n/a
Alipay n/a
WeChatPay n/a
Unionpay n/a
Visa contactless n/a
Master contactless n/a
Amex contactless n/a
JCB contactless n/a
RakutenPoint n/a
dPoint n/a
Tpoint n/a
Ponta n/a
famiPay n/a

Yudetaro acceptance chart

At Yudetaro,CreditCard・QRcode・eMoney・Contactless・Point will be hard to use.

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