What payment options are avilable at Nakau?


Naka-U was founded in June 1969 as a handmade udon restaurant in Ibaraki City, Osaka Prefecture. The name "Naka-U" is derived from the Chinese character for "udon shop" and the Chinese character for "udon restaurant," which was changed to the Chinese character for "udo," which has the same pronunciation and is associated with the auspiciousness of the word "udo. The auspiciousness of the character for "卯" is that it is shaped like the double-sided door of the Kannon (Goddess of Mercy), which is both auspicious and helpful. It is also a symbol of the Chinese zodiac sign of "卯," which means "rabbit" in Japanese, and is also a wish that the company will leap forward and prosper, which is where the name "Nakau" comes from.


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What payment can I use to pay at Nakau ?

These are acceptable payments at Nakau.'Depends on store' means may be not availabe due to store's terminal compatibility or other reasons.

Credit Card Avilable
PayPay Avilable
Dpay Avilable
aupay auPay Avilable
Merpay Avilable
RakutenPay Avilable
LINEpay Avilable
Suica, PASMO, ICOCA Avilable
Rakuten Edy Avilable
iD Avilable
QUICPay Avilable
Alipay Avilable
WeChatPay Avilable
Unionpay Avilable
Visa contactless Avilable
Amex contactless Avilable
JCB contactless Avilable
dPoint Avilable
nanaco n/a
waon n/a
YuchoPay n/a
Master contactless n/a
RakutenPoint n/a
Tpoint n/a
Ponta n/a
famiPay n/a

Nakau acceptance chart

At Nakau,CreditCard is/are usefull.
QRcode・eMoney・Contactless may be not accepted.

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* Information on this site is not a guarantee of availability. Please contact each store for availability.