What payment options are avilable at OsakaOhsho?


Osaka Ohsho is known for its gyoza (dumplings). Our original yaki-gyoza, made with domestic pork and vegetables, are hand-wrapped one by one at the restaurant, and our diverse menu includes dim sum, stir-fries, noodles, rice bowls, and desserts. A wide variety of dishes are available, including dim sum, stir-fries, noodles, rice bowls, and desserts, so you can enjoy the taste of Osaka Osho by yourself, with friends, or as takeout or delivery.


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What payment can I use to pay at OsakaOhsho ?

These are acceptable payments at OsakaOhsho.'Depends on store' means may be not availabe due to store's terminal compatibility or other reasons.

Credit Card Depends on store
PayPay Depends on store
Dpay Depends on store
Merpay Depends on store
LINEpay Depends on store
Suica, PASMO, ICOCA Depends on store
Rakuten Edy Depends on store
iD Depends on store
QUICpay Depends on store
Alipay Depends on store
WeChatPay Depends on store
aupay auPay n/a
RakutenPay n/a
nanaco n/a
waon n/a
YuchoPay n/a
Unionpay n/a
Visa contactless n/a
Master contactless n/a
Amex contactless n/a
JCB contactless n/a
RakutenPoint n/a
dPoint n/a
Tpoint n/a
Ponta n/a
famiPay n/a

OsakaOhsho acceptance chart

At OsakaOhsho,Contactless・Point will be hard to use.

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