What payment options are avilable at MiyawakiShoten?


Miyawaki Shoten is committed to contributing to the development of local culture as a bookstore rooted in the community. For example, it holds events to exhibit works by local writers and artists and reading aloud sessions for children. Also, Miyawaki Shoten is known for selecting products from a unique perspective. For example, it has a wide selection of books on local history and culture, as well as niche genres.


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What payment can I use to pay at MiyawakiShoten ?

These are acceptable payments at MiyawakiShoten.'Depends on store' means may be not availabe due to store's terminal compatibility or other reasons.

Credit Card Avilable
PayPay Avilable
Suica, PASMO, ICOCA Avilable
Rakuten Edy Avilable
waon Avilable
iD Avilable
Unionpay Avilable
Dpay n/a
aupay auPay n/a
Merpay n/a
RakutenPay n/a
LINEpay n/a
nanaco n/a
QUICPay n/a
YuchoPay n/a
Alipay n/a
WeChatPay n/a
Visa contactless n/a
Master contactless n/a
Amex contactless n/a
JCB contactless n/a
RakutenPoint n/a
dPoint n/a
Tpoint n/a
Ponta n/a
famiPay n/a

MiyawakiShoten acceptance chart

At MiyawakiShoten,CreditCard is/are usefull.
eMoney may be not accepted.
QRcode・Contactless・Point will be hard to use.

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* Information on this site is not a guarantee of availability. Please contact each store for availability.