Can RakutenPoint be used for payment at MachidaShoten?


Yokohama Iye-kei Ramen is a type of ramen featuring medium-thick noodles in a pork-bone and soy sauce base that originated in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, in 1974 or later. The name "Ie-kei" came from the fact that many stores originally added "〜家" to their shop names. The soup is "pork bone and soy sauce based," which is made by mixing broth made from pork bones and chicken bones with soy sauce sauce sauce, and straight, medium-thick noodles with a unique chewy texture. Spinach, chashu pork, and nori seaweed are the basic toppings, and the soup can be arranged by adjusting the thickness of the flavor, the amount of fat in the soup, the degree of noodle boiling, and the addition of toppings.


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Accumulated Rakuten points can be used as 1 point = 1 yen in various situations!

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Can I use RakutenPoint at MachidaShoten ?

Well, RakutenPoint is acceptable at MachidaShoten ?

Cannot use RakutenPoint in MachidaShoten.

What payment can I use to pay at MachidaShoten ?

These are acceptable payments at MachidaShoten.'Depends on store' means may be not availabe due to store's terminal compatibility or other reasons.

PayPay Depends on store
Suica, PASMO, ICOCA Depends on store
Credit Card n/a
Dpay n/a
aupay auPay n/a
Merpay n/a
RakutenPay n/a
LINEpay n/a
Rakuten Edy n/a
nanaco n/a
waon n/a
iD n/a
QUICPay n/a
YuchoPay n/a
Alipay n/a
WeChatPay n/a
Unionpay n/a
Visa contactless n/a
Master contactless n/a
Amex contactless n/a
JCB contactless n/a
RakutenPoint n/a
dPoint n/a
Tpoint n/a
Ponta n/a
famiPay n/a

MachidaShoten acceptance chart

At MachidaShoten,CreditCard・QRcode・eMoney・Contactless・Point will be hard to use.

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