Visa contactless

Visa Contactless is a payment technology that enhances the convenience of Visa debit and credit cards. With Visa Contactless, cardholders can make quick and secure transactions by tapping their card on a contactless-enabled payment terminal. This eliminates the need for swiping or inserting the card and entering a PIN for small-value purchases, making the payment process faster and more efficient. Visa Contactless transactions use near-field communication (NFC) technology to transmit payment information securely between the card and the terminal. This technology ensures that the card remains in the cardholder's possession during the transaction, enhancing security. Visa Contactless is widely accepted at merchants around the world, providing cardholders with a hassle-free payment experience.

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Visa contactless Acceptance chart

At ,ConvenienceStore・Airport may be not accepted.
AmusementPark・GasStation・Sweets・DiscountStore・Bakery・Hotel・DIY・Chinese,Ramen・ElectronicStore・Izakaya・Yakiniku・Diner will be hard to use.

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